Lauren Béa

Lauren Béa is a Christian singer/songwriter, as well as a and stunning mixed chick, wife to New York Giants Linebacker Keenan Robinson and mother to their daughter Kaidence . The native-Texan’s latest EP “Sovereign Still, includes songs written about her life, faith and family. 


Radiant Mix: What is your nationality?  How do you identify yourself ? 

Lauren Béa: I am African American, Dutch and Swedish. I identify myself as mixed race.

RM: From your unique perspective on life, what are three special mixed chick superpowers?

LB: My mixed chick special powers are:

1. Being able to fall asleep with wet hair pulled up in a bun and waking up with perfect curls

2. Being able to relate to different ethnicities

3. Looking one race in the winter and a completely different race in the summer

RM: What are your words of wisdom on how we can transform racism in America  and heal the racial divide?

LB: One of the ways we can transform racism in America and heal the racial divide is to just be unapologetically yourself. Everything starts with loving yourself and knowing who you were created in the image of. We are all children of God and all bleed the same blood. True acceptance comes from within and accepting who you are completely. With this being said, when you are completely focused on loving, you leave no room for hate.

RM: What does radiance mean to you?

LB: Radiance to me means having an inner spirit of joy. No matter what life brings your way, you have a positive outlook.

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