Artist Ana Leovy Empowers Women with Vibrant Color, Social Consiousness and Style

We love Mexican artist and illustrator Ana Leovy! Her art work evokes beauty, feminine power and diversity with her unique vibrant flair. From fashion to social justice to women’s empowerment, the art send a powerful message of love and inclusion with beauty. So excited to share our conversation with the artist herself here…

Radiant Mix: Your work caught my eye via Instagram and I immediately fell in love.  The work definitely seems to celebrate the feminine.  What is the inspiration underneath your artistic expression?

Ana Leovy: Thank you so much I am really happy to hear you like my work!

What moves me the most are current events of the world regarding equality. This is obviously not a new subject, but somehow, I guess due to social media we get to see it more upfront and we all get a chance to get involved.

Asides from equality, I also want to portray images of friendship and self-love. It is so easy to get lost in this crazy cybernetic world; it is a never-ending feeling of inferiority because you start comparing yourself with others all the time.

This is something that happens to me very often so I like the idea of reaching out to others and asking for advice or even paying a compliment. Those are the little things that can make someone’s day better and by creating a sort of community, it helps erase the feeling of being in competition with each other or not being good enough. You realize everyone is going through similar things as you and NOBODY has it all figured out.

Radiant Mix: The color and diversity that you depict in your illustrations are uplifting and beautiful.  Tell us more about your girls and how they came to be?

Ana Leovy: The entire creative journey has been evolving in a very organic way, painting women was not something I planned, it just happened as I was playing around and experimenting with distorting human figures.

I really like fashion and I thought it would be fun dressing up the characters I drew with my favorite looks. It is also very important to me showing the female body as far from reality as possible because I don’t want to fall into stereotypes of “beauty” since every shape is already perfect on its own.

Radiant Mix: Since fashion, culture and everyday life is where you draw inspiration.  What are your favorite designers? What is your favorite Spring/Summer look of the moment?

Ana Leovy: There are tons of designers I love, but I absolutely adore Mara Hoffman, Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Paloma Wool, Kris Goyri, Celine…. The list goes on and on. As for my fave spring look I really like Prabal Gurung´s entire collection. Some of the trends I like the most this season are the use of pastels and sheer fabrics.

New York Designer Rosie Assoulin by Ana Leovy

Radiant Mix: In your opinion, what does it take to be a strong, confident woman?

Ana Leovy: It is a lifetime’s process of learning what you like and dislike, and not being afraid of making mistakes. Being able to speak out when necessary and listen in order to grow. Accepting we are ALL different and that there is absolutely no right or wrong, so instead of questioning our decisions because they don’t fit with popular opinions, we should value and listen our inner voice.

A strong, confident woman doesn’t pass any judgment but praises others for their achievements since everyone has something different to offer.

Radiant Mix: What does multicultural living and diversity mean to you?

Ana Leovy: I think these are the things that make the world richer because by diving into other cultures we increase our overall openness to new experiences and learn to appreciate situations from different perspectives.

Mexico City based artist and illustrator Ana Leovy.

Radiant Mix: Any tips for others to tap into their own creativity?

Ana Leovy: I try not taking it so serious. When I find myself stressed out over a project I step back for a moment and sometimes try taking a different approach. The important thing with creativity is to go with the flow and have fun.

I really recommend reading ““Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. That book is a mind changer when it comes to creating living. Exploration and practice are key. I like doing simple exercises where I play with different materials and subjects in my sketchbook, you have no idea how many times I´ve gone through old sketchbooks and found quotes, color studies, shapes… that at the moment were not important, but one day I found them useful for new projects. I also love Pinterest, it is such a cool and easy way to discover new things.

Radiant Mix: We absolutely love the book “Big Magic!” How ironic. It is very inspiring and so are you. Thanks so much Ana, for sharing your talents and vision with us.

For more information about Ana Leovy’s work, check out her website for prints and commissions. Get inspired & follow Ana Leovy‘s vibrant world on Instagram.


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