Join us in pure paradise for Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat • Nov. 7-12th

Join Hope McGrath & Rashia Bell in tropical paradise for the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat” in the lush tropics of Santa Marta, Colombia on November 7-12th, 2018, in the lush tropics of Colombia. Rashia Bell influential crystal healer, energetic interior designer and I, Hope McGrath have curated an incredibly rejuvenating wellness retreat at a luxurious nature resort alongside picture-perfect Caribbean seashores, tucked within the lush tropical mountains and sacred, indigenous lands near Santa Marta, Colombia.

This November, right after you vote on Election Day, skip town and unwind with us. Do your part to change our world for the better and than indulge in radical self-care at the Tropical Tranformation Wellness Retreat.  De-stress and reinvigorate your mind, body and soul with all sorts of empowering workshops, crystal healing, yoga, unforgettable day excursions to sacred pools, tropical mindful hiking to remote beaches, experience the healing powers of an Temazcal ceremony, enjoy delicious locally sourced cuisine, lots of chill time , private coaching sessions and more.  Let’s connect in Colombia this November. It’s going to be so amazing!

We even are offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for all those who register before August 3rd. To get all the details click below.  Please share this with friends who you feel could use a getaway to this fabulous wellness escape with us. Space is limited, so jump on it if interested.

Cabanas @ Playa Koralia in Colombia


Playa Koralia spa

Not only am I the founder of Radiant Mix, but I am a Tranformational Coach and Fashion Consultant. I just had to share this story from Rashia Bell’s newsletter for The Cristalline touching upon how our coaching relationship transformed her life. The story begins here…

It’s important for me to tell you the story about how we (Hope & I) met at a vision board workshop that she was hosting!  When I think back to that experience, I remember both the intensity and fear that I felt when tasked with creating a visual representation of what I wanted my life to be. I also recall a visualization exercise that we did that was so clear and so vivid, that my energetic and physical body was immediately transported to a space that was years older than I am now. Needless to say, it blew my mind! Hope reached out to me after the event, to get my thoughts on the experience and to share info on her Life Coaching services. I didn’t know if I needed a life coach, but I was at a period in my life where I was really trying to make changes in many areas and definitely feeling stuck. I liked the idea of having someone hold me accountable, and it seemed like a good thing that would be very different than traditional psycho-therapy.

On the spot in that conversation, I signed up for 6 months! The time frame was important to me because I really felt like it would take at least that much time for me to see things start to shift in my life. I candidly share that it was definitely not in my budget at the time to do so when I was trying to cut back on work, but I just trusted my instinct that it was something I needed to do. Sure enough, almost immediately after making the decision a new project presented itself and that financial worry was resolved.

During this period of time that we worked together, my life could not have been crazier. I was juggling 5-10 clients and different projects while simultaneously throwing myself headfirst into all things in the wellness/healing world. My traditional vacations had already begun to be replaced by wellness retreats. I had a 6 day a week cathartic fitness class habit, weekly Rolfing appointments, was doing Somatic or Network Spinal Therapy, and failing at my attempts to meditate; all on top of our coaching sessions.

Rashia Bell and Hope McGrath

Rashia Bell and Hope McGrath

I was also in the middle of a renovation project, and there were days that I would hole up in a closet or bedroom while the contractors were working because that was the only time I could squeeze in my sessions with Hope. There were even more days, when felt like I literally cried all day long through all of these holistic and self-work practices that had been implemented into my life.

Fast forward to when Hope and I wrapped up the 6 months and I actually realized I was truly a different person. I had gotten rid of the client that was draining me (even though they represented a huge chunk of my income) and without any effort, new work and projects appeared to replace it. Meditation with crystals was now second nature, I was less tired which gave me more control over my adrenal fatigue, and I was about to embark on my first Crystal Healing certification!

I share this story, because I really credit the support of working with her (and finding a new friend and so many others along the way), for helping me to bring The Cristalline to fruition. I know firsthand how frustrating it is when you feel like there are constant setbacks in your life as you struggle to find your passion and discover your dreams; while feeling like everyone else around you is soaring at theirs. For me, Colombia has been a magical place the past couple of years in helping me discover even more layers of myself, and of this work that I am so lucky to be able to share.

Sunset in Santa Marta, Colombia

Our retreat is an opportunity to get away and press the reset button on your life. In this beautiful energetically charged setting, you can tune out all of the noise and focus on igniting something newfound within yourself!
So, what else is there to do but to take another leap and join us in Colombia?!

XX, Rashia

I’m so grateful for amazing clients such as Rashia, who dedicate the time and effort to make radical changes in their lives. And that she did! Rashia’s work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Fast Company and more. It’s just so exciting to see her blow up.  You can too if you really want to. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this retreat at




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