Podcast about Mixed culture with Katie Malia

Sharing our truth is not always easy, but sometimes it’s really important. And laughter really does make the world go round. This week we’re talking to Katie Malia, the self-proclaimed, ethnically ambiguous performer and writer from LA, and also the creator of the short-form scripted comedy web-series Almost Asian. Katie dares to be different and her show is a really fascinating perspective of the mixed experience, consisting of funny little vignettes of what life is like from the perspective of the mixed Asian woman. So, get your laugh on, and listen in to what Katie has to share on the show today.

Through her Almost Asian web series, Katie has been featured in the Washington Post, Fast Company, and the Huffington Post. Almost Asian was also an official selection for the thirteen Film Festivals and a really exciting development is that the web series is expanding into a half-hour comedy program, with Margaret Cho on board as executive producer. On the show today, Katie and Hope talk about many different aspects of the mixed life and they also tell some crazy personal stories. Tune in now to witness some mixed-chick therapy.

Show Highlights:

  • Katie explains how much having a mixed race community means to her.
  • Katie discusses the use of the term ‘ethnically ambiguous’ and why she hates it.
  • It’s really annoying to have to go into a whole dialogue to explain your identity.
  • Katie shares about her unique background and how she coped with her identity crisis.
  • The evolution of one’s identity is really important, but it takes work.
  • What inspired Katie to create Almost Asian.
  • Mixed kids all go through feeling that they don’t belong.
  • What white privilege means to Katie.
  • Katie goes for humor with a broader message, a powerful punch, and social commentary.
  • How Katie manages to nurture her creativity.
  • Self-reflection and the importance of coming from a place of love 
  • Awareness is central to self-reflection.

Links and Resources:

Book: Mixed Race Amnesia by Minelle Mahtani

Where all the episodes of Almost Asian live online: www.almostasian.com  

Instagram: Almost Asian Series

Twitter: @iamalmostasian

Radiant mix blog: www.radiantmix.com 

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