Radiant Mix Podcast - Celebrating the Mixed Experience

Welcome to the very first episode of the Radiant Mix podcast, with Hope McGrath. On the podcast she will be celebrating and talking about the bi-racial, multi-racial, and multi-cultural experience with some fascinating stories. On the show today, Hope discusses some of the fears she’s had around bringing the stories that she intends to share on the podcast to light, and she also explains what motivated her to launch the podcast. Listen in today to find out more about Hope’s belief in the radiance of the mixed experience, and how she intends to make the world a better place.

The intention for Radiant Mix is to ignite positive change and maybe even open some eyes with the stories she will be sharing. Listen in to find out more about Hope McGrath and her aspirations for the podcast.

Show Highlights:

  • Pushing through fear to find your voice.
  • Why Hope eventually decided to launch Radiant Mix.
  • For Hope, it’s really all about radiating our light.
  • Check out the documentary ‘The Loving Generation’.  
  • Racial tension reached a fever-pitch in America recently, and this took a toll on Hope and her family
  • How Hope’s hippy Mom inspired her to take her own path and expand minds and hearts, with her anti-racism work.
  • Hope shares a bit about her background and why she thinks the conversation around racism has to continue.

Links and Resources:

The documentary The Loving Generation

The Loving Generation

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