Podcast about Mixed culture with Julie Young

Today we’re talking to a serious changemaker who does not sit still! We’re really excited to have Julie Young, a lawyer, turned non-profit executive, join us on today’s episode. Julie is the founder of DreamMaker 3D, an organization that provides resources, connections, and inspiration for creatives and nurtures future leaders. In today’s episode, Julie talks about her experience of growing up as a Korean adoptee raised with a white, American family. She discusses the challenges that trans-racial families face and she talks about getting in touch, and awakening to her Asian-ness. Listen in to find out more.

DreamMaker 3D has just produced their very first TIDE Film Festival, in Brooklyn. The festival highlights movies that are written, produced and directed by people of color. Julie also founded The Phenomenal Girls Club, an empowering kids club that fosters learning, leadership, and friendship for girls of color. She’s the creator, producer, and host of the web series Not Your Average for KoreanAmericanstory.org. and she’s creator and co-producer of her own podcast, $6.99 Per Pound. Julie is married to an African-American man and they’re raising two beautiful kids. Tune in now to get Julie’s story.

Show Highlights:

  • Julie shares some childhood experiences and feelings as a Korean adoptee
  • She shares her Awakening and how she began to embrace her Asian identity
  • Julie talks about her interracial relationship with her loving husband and what raising mixed kids is like for her.
  • The importance of educating mixed kids about their heritage at a young age.
  • Opening the eyes of those with implicit bias and becoming aware of our own implicit bias. 
  • What the Phenomenal Girls Club is all about and how Julie came to starting it.
  • Julie talks about her groundbreaking TIDE film festival.
  • Julie’s story is all about compassion. And her mission is to break down individual and then systemic bias.
  • Why Brooklyn is such a great place to raise mixed kids.

Links and Resources:

TIDE Film Festival website: www.tidefilmfestival.org 

To get more involved, email info@tidefilmfestival.org.

Follow Julie on Instagram @biggirlvoice

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