Podcast about Mixed culture with Malik

Do you think it’s okay to openly share your opinions about other people’s personal lives on social media? Today’s interview is with the celebrated actor, Malik Yoba. He is quite dynamic and open, with a strong social media following where shares with deep compassion on things that matter to him. When Malik decided to share on Instagram about his Malik personal love life, which happens to be an interracial relationship, he received a wide range of comments, both positive and negative. Listen in to find out his reactions and response to the push back.

Apart from being an accomplished actor, Malik Yoba is also a writer, director, producer, musician, activist, educator, and entrepreneur. In today’s episode, he has an interesting conversation with Hope about race and modern-day interracial love, and also about life, activism, love, and the power of manifestation. Tune in now!

Show Highlights:

  • Malik talks about his initial reaction to the negative comments via Instagram and his take on inter-racial relationships
  • Malik talks about his dating past, his unique family upbringing, his compassion for black women.
  • The importance of living a self-directed life of purpose.
  • How Malik discussed how he is in the “Give A Fuck” business.
  • Malik uses the arts as his weapon of choice.
  • Learn some tips for manifesting what you want.
  • What does being a changemaker truly consist of?
  • Malik talks about his inter-racial relationship with Bonnie.
  • Malik offers us all an important question to think about…Have you done something today to serve and give back to your community?

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You can follow Malik on Instagram at MalikYoba

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