Podcast about Mixed culture with Eric

We are excited to introduce, Eric Smith, the CEO and Co-Founder of Easy Star Records. The New York-based independent record label Easy Star Records has built an international roster of progressive reggae and dub artists over the past twenty years. Eric Smith and Hope McGrath, both biracial, have been friends for even longer than that time frame.

In today’s episode, we get an inside scoop of old friends talking about growing up in the 70s and 80s with white moms and black fathers, the drastic difference between growing up mixed in the suburbs vs. the city, music, Obama, parenting, raising second generation mixed-kids, and more. Tune in now for more…

Show Highlights:

  • Growing up as a city kid vs. suburban kid and being mixed in New York
  • What life is like living with two realities.
  • The beauty of being mixed is in flowing seamlessly through different worlds.
  • Segregated schools and it’s effects
  • The history of Easy Star, with its rich cultural mix.
  • The mixed perspective on Obama
  • Educating ourselves to be mindful of our biases.


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