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“I was mixed before it was fashionable,” stated Tim Lounibos in this week’s episode. Tim Lounibos is an actor starring in the runaway hit series, Bosch, on Amazon Prime. Tim, gained notoriety in the nineties when he was branded as part of ‘an exciting new breed of Asian American actors with widespread mainstream appeal’. He took a break from acting for a while, and now he is back and working like crazy.

Tim Lounibos is of German, Irish, and Korean descent and like most mixed kids had to do some major soul-searching to embody his identity as Asian American. Tim is one cool, down-to-earth, compassionate actor who really cares about humanity, the power of the arts, inclusion and openly shares his inspiring personal story. In this episode, Tim chats to Hope about life, Hollywood, love, enlightenment, and his unique slice of the mixed experience. “Whatever I’m involved in, I push for diversity, I push for inclusiveness, whether it’s in front of scenes or behind the scenes. Anybody I speak with I try to enlighten and nudge….to get them to see the importance of that. For me, it’s not about just seeing Asian Americans on the screen. It’s about diversity, seeing a tapestry of who we are.” Listen in today to hear Tim’s empowering story. 

Show Highlights:

  • Growing up mixed with a GI father and Korean mother
  • The power of humor and how it saved his family from abuse in the home
  • His secret to having a strong sense of innate confidence
  • Tim’s life-changing moments that helped clarify his identity
  • How to overcome shame.
  • Navigating microaggressions without anger, but as an opportunity to enlighten
  • The state and plight of Asian American cinema in Hollywood.
  • Tim’s observations on race, diversity and inclusion 


Tim on Instagram: @timlounibos

Tim on Twitter: @timlounibos

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