Podcast Mixed culture with Seb Selassie

This week’s Radiant Mix episode features Sebene Selassie, a celebrated meditation teacher, coach, and consultant. Sebene Selessie began studying Buddhism over 25 years ago and now teaches and practices all over the world. In this episode, Sebene drops some science and profound wisdom about the power of a spiritual path and community, self-care, insights on working through trauma, the art of welcoming challenges and the inside scoop on her upcoming book ‘Born to Belong.’ Want to shift your mindset just a little bit? Get inspired by Sebene Selassie.

Show Highlights: 

  • What inspired Sebene to practice Buddhism 
  • The beauty and challenges of being different
  • Get a glimpse of Sebene’s immigrant experience growing up and trying to adapt to a culture that you don’t know anything about  
  • The necessity of having a sense of belonging 
  • The journey of realizing she is and we all are ‘Born to Belong’ 
  • Reconciling individualism with the oneness of humanity 
  • Looking inside yourself before you look to change the world 
  • What it looks like to get involved in deep practice and commit to it 
  • The truth behind intergenerational trauma 
  • Methods of self-care, finding stillness and centering yourself 
  • Methods of healing when dealing with physical challenges 
  • Embracing your struggles as a beautiful experience 
  • Finding joy within the circumstances of your life 
  • Expert advice to kick-start a meditation practice



Instagram: @sebeneselassie

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