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Radiant Mix welcomes the lovely Aileen Kyoko on the show. Aileen is a multi-talented creative with a beautiful spirit. She’s a playwright, actress, director, and producer, and she recently wrote a full-length play called The Year of the Solar Eclipse. Aileen is also producer and brand curator for The Wellness Expert, Randi Zinn, of Beyond Mom. Listen to find out more!

Aileen Kyoko was raised in the Philippines, traveled the world in her youth and is now a proud New Yorker. Her creative work derives from a passion to explore love and relationships. In this podcast, she shares openly about her identity crisis, the importance of patience with self-discovery, the power of the arts and creative expression and using one’s unique voice for the greater good. Look out for the fresh, updated version of Aileen Kyoko’s play The Year of the Solar Eclipse the first week of December 2019 at The Wild Project.   Tune in now, to hear Aileen’s story!

Show Highlights:

  • An international perspective on one mixed experience
  • Overcoming an identity crisis
  • The importance of using your voice to educate others
  • The life-changing power of the performing arts
  • Vulnerability and what happens with love when things falling apart
  • The vital role racial diversity plays for every aspect of creative projects…plays, film fashion and beyond


Instagram @aileenkyoko

Aileen Kyoko’s Play: The Year of The Solar Eclipse

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