Podcast Mixed culture with Kellie Wagner

This episode of Radiant Mix features Kellie Wagner, the Founder, and CEO of Collective, an NYC-based diversity and inclusion lab that transforms company culture in the startup space. Kellie has a unique perspective as a biracial woman, overcoming immense loss and spending much of her youth bouncing between drastically different cultures. All this life experience planted the seeds for the important work she is doing now.  Her company Collective supports high-growth companies as they build diverse, equitable teams, and drive sustainable change.

Kellie Wagner has been featured in Forbes Magazine and is a sought-after speaker. Kellie holds a MFA from The New School, studied at NYU and sits on the Board of Directors for Experience Camps, a free grief camp for kids who have experienced loss.

On the podcast Kellie shares her personal story of strength and triumph, we talk about the effects of current day politics and families, holding companies accountable when it comes to equity and inclusion and she offers expert tips for employees of color to navigate the corporate world and elevate their game.

Show Highlights:

  • Navigating life has a biracial child, who lost her mom at age seven, and then how her life unfolded thereafter.
  • Kellie describes her life “shielded by this white bubble.”
  • The real life effects of the Trump presidency on her family dynamics 
  • Race, skin color and the plight of some mixed kids 
  • The importance of accepting differences and setting boundaries
  • The power of diversity and inclusion in the work place
  • The truth about living with authenticity
  • The mixed super power… “we can break down many misconceptions.”


Instagram: @Kelliemwagner

Collective: www.hello-collective.com

Inspirations: Brene Brown

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