13: Music is our best friend…with Eric Smith

This week’s Radiant Mix episode features Eric Smith, CEO of Easy Star Records, a co-host with Hope McGrath, as they cover all things music and its importance in the lives of two mixed Generation Xers. Music is the soundtrack of their lives and all of us music lovers. As long-time friends, the two have come together on the podcast to share how music influenced them as biracial kids coming from quite different backgrounds.

This topic of music is so expansive that we are producing two episodes of Eric and Hope talking about the vast topic of music and how the decades of musical genres shaped their lives. Check out our Spotify Radiant Mix playlist,for 24 hours of music that have inspired Eric and Hope over the decades. Just a tiny glimpse of their mixed musical perspectives.


  • The power of music and its influence on time and space
  • Race and Musical Genres
  • Musical Segregation. What are we even talking about???
  • Hope McGrath and Eric Smith have fun playing music critics by sharing their favorites artists through the decades.
  • Insights on how to expand your musical repertoire
  • How music became our best friend growing up
  • The importance of keeping your personal musical soundtracks fresh and current


Radiant Mix Spotify Playlist:

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Eric Smith



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Beautiful on Broadway

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