14: Music is our best friend…PART 2 with Eric Smith

Get ready for Part 2 of the Radiant Mix episode “Music is our best friend” featuring Eric Smith, CEO of Easy Star Records, as a co-host with Hope McGrath. These two old friends continue the conversation about music and how it’s impacted their lives and the lives of a generation. Eric and Hope go down memory lane, having fun playing music historians, unveiling their favorite artists and some life-changing albums. They talk parenting, the importance of staying current with your musical tastes and stepping out of your comfort zone. In this episode, these friends explore some of the change-maker artists that stand the test of time.

Check out our Spotify Radiant Mix playlist,for 24 hours of music that have inspired Eric and Hope over the decades.  

Spotify Playlist 


  • The power of music and its impact on music lovers
  • The technological advancements of the music industry and its effect on how we absorb music
  • Get inspired to get out of your musical comfort zone
  • Insights to fight against self-segregating when it come to music in your life
  • Find out what are the game-changing songs, artists and albums that have shaped the lives of Generation Xers, Eric Smith and Hope McGrath. 
  • WitnessEric and Hope have fun playing music historians, drop some science and give props to pop stars
  • Parenting and music: Yes, parents can stay current and still love your classics.


Radiant Mix Spotify Playlist 

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