17: Transform Trauma & Empower Your Life with Zita Tulyahikayo

In this Radiant Mix episode, I introduce to you Zita Tulyahikayo, a Systemic Coach and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the UK. A mutual friend introduced us, shout out to Ainsley Connell, and we hit it off as we are both deeply invested in supporting and empowering men and women to live their best lives.

Zita has a unique multicultural life experience with a mother from Barbados and father from Uganda. To add to the mix, she attended a Quaker private boarding school which had a strong, positive impact on her life. It’s interesting to hear her perspectives on race and class and how they are quite different from the average American point of view. Zita designed a unique concept, Life Therapy, to empower people to reconnect deeply with themselves and their ancestors in order to transform trauma and live with more joy and freedom. In this interview, Zita breaks it all down. Enjoy.


  • Zita shares how she satisfied the need ‘to belong.’
  • The power of connecting back to your roots
  • The differences between race and class in America and the United Kingdom
  • The empowering life values of Zita’s Quaker education and how it shaped her life positively
  • We learn about Systemic Family Constellations…very insightful
  • What is transgenerational trauma? We all have it. Now how can we heal?
  • Love her thought process…” It’s disrespectful to live a life of suffering.” Learn what’s underneath this mindset…Ah-ha moments.


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