19: Musings on Mixed•ish

In this solo-cast episode of Radiant Mix, I really wanted to talk about the new sitcom Mixed•ish on ABC. This breakout comedy about a mixed family has touched upon lots of typical mixed kid issues and I thought it would be fun to highlight a few that stood out to me.

The show is the brainchild of Tracee Ellis Ross and is a fun spin-off from the popular Black•ish series, this time from the lens of teen Rainbow (Ross’s character). Her family is coming from a hippy commune to live in the “real world” in the 80s. I’m from the same “Gen X” era as Tracee, so the pop culture and mixed life references are amusing to observe and deeply relatable. Check out my two cents on this episode and I’d love to hear yours.


  • Introducing the new group program “Radiant Mix Connect”…a monthly insider circle (90-minute conference call) and an opportunity to build community to discuss all things within the mixed experience. Launching November 13th.
  • Choosing sides….Are you hanging with the black or white group?  Do you even need to choose?
  • Does colorblindness come up in your mixed family?
  • Question from white hippy Dad in Mixed-ish… “What should I put for special skills?” Aunt Denise’s answer: “White.”  Oh boy!
  • Breaking down what “crazy white” means to Aunt Denise…”Duran Duran, orange juice with the pulp, curse at your Mom, white.” 🙂
  • Hair, Hair and more Hair drama.  The plight of the curly-haired mixed kid.
  • You’re invited to the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat



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