22: Hope’s Lessons Learned & A Year in Review

In this episode, Hope McGrath shares reflections on a few life lessons she’s learned this year.

In celebration of the launch of this Radiant Mix podcast, you’ll learn some of Hope’s key takeaways from talking to some incredible change-makers about life, multiracial identity, multicultural existence and everything in between…lots of teachable moments. There is also some mixed pop culture news and Hope goes into coaching mode by offering some empowering visioning practices to help prepare you for the New Year.


  • Hope gets personal but sharing some important life lessons she’s learned this year.
  • Key inspiring takeaways from the top Radiant Mix episodes of the year
  • Five Mixed Pop Culture Shout Outs – yes, in today’s day and age there are so many mixed individuals making incredible moves


War of Art by Steven Pressfield – One of Hope’s favorite inspirational books

Hope’s Daily Self-Love Practices


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