24: Navigating identity & Reconnection to Indigenous Ancestry with Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans is an activist and the host of the  “Some Kind of Brown” podcast, whereas a primarily Indigenous Black woman, she shares her own unique perspective about Mixed and Multiracial life’s journeys and current events. In this episode, we talk about her life and journey reconnecting to her Native American heritage. Natalie offers insights on rediscovering yourself, the effects of racial misclassification, the plight of the serious epidemic Native American communities MMIW – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and how we can help support the Native American community.


  • Learn one woman’s story of navigating her multiracial identity in the south
  • The importance of reconnecting with your ancestral lineage
  • Get inspired with the dedication Natalie has for embracing and educating herself about her Native American heritage later in life
  • The plight of refusing to be labeled “other”
  • Bringing awareness about Indigenous causes, creativity, community and how to support
  • Advocating for multiracial identity and accepting all of who we are


Some Kind of Brown Podcast 



Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women – www.csvanw.org

Radiant Mix Instagram

Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat www.tropicaltransformation.com

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