26: The Diversity Diva Breakdown with Lori Tharps

Lori L. Tharps is a content creator whose work lands at the intersection of race and popular culture. Lori is an associate professor of journalism at Temple University, an award-winning author, creator of the My American Meltingpot blog and podcast and a mother of three. Lori Tharps strives to use her words to broaden the conversation about race in America; to challenges racial stereotypes; to dismantle white supremacy, and to celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity whenever possible.


  • What is a Diversity Diva?
  • Life as an “Other” – Lori’s Midwest life as the only black kid in town
  • The art of friendship desegregation – how to overcome fear of being different in diverse spaces
  • Mothering mixed kids while navigating colorism and discrimination
  • The power of cultivating diverse relationships across cultures
  • How to appreciate difference rather than tolerate it
  • Confronting the truth about the outsider status
  • Difference is good. Notes on building confidence.


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