Pandemic Life with Ruby & Hope

In this episode, my daughter Ruby and I sit down to talk about how life is for us navigating the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s been such a challenge for everybody to deal with physical distancing, thousands of deaths and illnesses, the news! How can we stay safe and sane? How can we find joy and fun under quarantine? How do you grieve if a loved one passes away?  Ruby and I wanted to share about life with a positive slant despite so much negativity surrounding us. Tune in for some of our self-care rituals, mindfulness practices, creative ideas for at-home activities and more.


  • Gain insights into how we are dealing with social distancing
  • Test out some of our extensive self-care rituals
  • Navigating grief and healing
  • Hear one teen’s experience with online learning
  • Learn some things we love to do to keep our joy alive in the house
  • Homemade beauty hacks you should not try at home
  • Comparison kills joy – how to keep your mind right and practice gratitude


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