29: We Rise By Lifting Others…with Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham

This Radiant Mix episode features Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham, co-hosts of the podcast ‘Dear White Women’, an award-winning social justice podcast for women who are open to learning more about race, history, current events and how to elevate the happiness in your life. They are best friends who met at Harvard and identify as half-white and half-Japanese. Sara & Misasha drop some great wisdom in this episode as we talk about navigating the pandemic, expert advice on how to be the change from a political slant, navigating white fragility, embodying a sense of belonging,  what unfolds when mixed Japanese girls pass as white, the art of practicing gratitude and so much more.


  • The importance of caring for each other and removing blame during this global pandemic
  • Learn about an important two-prong approach to ignite positive systemic change in our communities and the government from a legal & social justice perspective
  • The catalyst for the ‘Dear White Women’ podcast & it’s similarities to the #blacklivesmatter movement
  • “Whoa, you are not who I expected!” —- reactions to Sara & Misasha and the growth that comes from expanding minds
  • The plight of mixed Hapa girls passing for white…”I’m legit.”
  • A ‘white fragility’ breakthrough from a mixed perspective…secret tip…mindfulness 
  • The power of a gratitude practice and watching our words when speaking on issues of race.


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