32: Deepen Your Own Soul Work…with Asha Frost

This week we are proud to introduce Asha Frost, an Indigenous Medicine Woman and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community.  She has served thousands of people for the past two decades in her work as a native healer, homeopath, teacher, and leader and has studied with many shamans, medicine people, elders, and guides. In this episode, Asha shares the importance for us all to do our own soul work and deepen our spirituality for maximum healing. Lots of inspiration packed in this show and we get to hear wisdom from an indigenous woman’s perspective, which is often silenced in our society. No more…we can all be the change.


  • Indigenous allyship with the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Navigating invisibility with pervasive white privilege 
  • The break down of the philosophy of indigenous animal medicine and connecting to spirit
  • Activism through spirituality
  • The art of elevating self-worthiness, indulging in self-care
  • The real-life repercussions of white supremacy for indigenous and POCs



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