Alexandra Jamieson Radiant Mix Podcast Interview

So excited to introduce to you my dear friend Alex Jamieson, who shares with us some insightful wisdom on how to find success navigating the difficult conversations in our lives. Alexandra Jamieson is the bestselling author of five books, including her new award-winning book Radical Alignment and co-creator / co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me.

She is a highly-sought-after creative and success mentor and motivational guide.  Her work has been praised by Oprah, The Today Show, The New York Times, CNN, Elle and more.  She is the host of Her Rules Radio, a #1 rated podcast and an award-winning watercolor painter who has created commissioned works for clients around the world.

In this 35th Radiant Mix episode, you get a glimpse into our friendship, actionable tips on how to be an effective communicator, and how we strive to come together, heal and thrive in this world.


  • Learn specifics about the “All In Method” of communication to offer you clarity and guidelines on how to handle tough conversations within your professional and personal life
  • Alex’s experiences with navigating white fragility, talking about race, and the importance of putting in the effort to learn about anti-racism.
  • The art of setting boundaries and listening to your body
  • The power of using your voice…and dealing with losing friends along the way in order to stand by your truth and values.
  • How to recognize spiritual bypassing
  • Dreaming big and how to co-create the life you desire 


Radical Alignment Book

Alexandra Jamieson

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