36: White Privilege, White Fragility and the Tough Conversations with Helen Boxwill

In this episode of Radiant Mix, Hope McGrath brings back to the forefront a conversation with her mother Helen Boxwill as they touch upon the touchy subjects of white privilege and the concepts of white fragility.  Helen Boxwill, a celebrated educator, lifelong activist, and mother of biracial children for a few decades as insightful and empowering thoughts on the topic.  She even dishes come good advice to navigate difficult discussions about race with loved ones, tips on raising mixed kids, and more.


  • Denial and resistance of white privilege
  • The importance of freeing ourselves from the fear of talking about race across cultures
  • Tips of how to navigate difficult conversations when ‘white fragility’ is front and center
  • Transforming the oppression of racial difference and societal segregation
  • Advice on raising mixed kids
  • How to evolve past the comfort zone and nurture a multicultural existence if it is not the norm
  • Navigating the typical mixed kid question…. “What are you?” 


Edward L. Nyankanzi Burundi Scholarship Fund for Burundi Refugees 

White Fragility by Dr. Robin Diangelo

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh 

Angel Kyodo Williams

Anti-Defamation League

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