39: “I’m the First, But I Won’t Be the Last.” Notes on Kamala Harris + Beyond with Guest Host DJ Rekha

Now that Kamala Harris is the Vice President Elect, there is a lot to celebrate with this triumphant accomplishment.  In this Radiant Mix episode, I have a special guest host, my dear friend Rekha Malhotra, otherwise known as DJ Rekha. We talk about Kamala Harris, multiracial identity, politics, anti-blackness & the caste system within the Indian community & America, the importance of social activism and the effects of one shattered glass ceiling for women of color.

Rekha is a DJ, producer, curator, and educator. They have been credited with pioneering Bhangra music in North America via Basement Bhangra club night – the party lasted 20 years! Rekha has done remixes for countless artists and has performed at the Obama White House and throughout the world. Rekha has a Masters in Comparative Media Studies from MIT and produces the weekly podcast Bhangra and Beyond.


  • Celebrating the rise of Kamala Harris and real talk on the mixed perspective from the biracial and South Asian prospective.
  • Anti-blackness in the South Asian community and throughout America
  • The role of privilege, mixed race identity, caste systems, class, professional accomplishments on how Kamala Harris and Barack Obama rose to the highest political offices in America.
  • Colorism & subconscious authenticity tests for multiracial individuals and immigrants.
  • Power and racism in America
  • How can we all get involved to continue to fight for our rights and democracy.


DJ Rekha on Instagram

FairFight.com – Help take back the Senate in Georgia through Stacey Abram’s organization Fair Fight Action. 




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