40: Understanding the Mixed World View…with Brittany George

We are celebrating our 40th episode with Life Coach & Counselor Brittany George of Mixed Mental Health. Brittany works with mixed-race women as they embark on their journey of self-discovery. She has created a space that honors the mixed woman’s exploration of identity, community, rituals, inner-child reparenting, relationships, and ancestry.

Multiracial women have such distinct experiences and addressing our mental health is of the upmost importance. In this episode you will hear how Brittany’s life opened up once she made an effort to explore unanswered questions in her family, plus lots of insight on the power of therapy and coaching to heal and transform our lives.


  • How to navigate social anxiety & microagressions
  • The power of embodying a sense of belonging
  • Brittany shares about the life-changing experience of meeting her father for the first time
  • The transformational benefits of understanding your heritage
  • Can the mixed community bridge society’s divide?
  • The magical powers of the therapy & coaching


Mixed Mental Health




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