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Radiant Mix is a lifestyle platform celebrating mixed, biracial and the multiracial experience. Our focus is about sharing personal stories about the “mixed” experience, talking about race and celebrating diversity.  Why? Consider Radiant Mix a creative act of social justice…a bit of anti-racism work. When we learn about one another, we can change minds, transform implicit bias and dispel the myths of racism and colorism.

Since we love, fashion, arts and culture, maintaining perfect curls and all sorts of wellness and healing modalities, we will share some of those insights too. Navigating our world in a positive light requires making self-care a priority. 

Radiant Mix is a place of inspiration and community for a deeper understanding about the “mixed” life experience and race in America. What exactly do we mean by “mixed”? The facts are that technically everyone is “mixed” with numerous nationalities in their ancestry. 

Here are some definitions of what we are talking about for clarity:

Biracial: consisting of, representing, or combining members of two separate racial groups. For example, one’s father is of one racial group and mother is from a different racial group.

Multiracial: a person descending from more than one racial group.

Mixed: there isn’t a clear definition except it is can be short for “mixed race.”  What is true is that every multiracial or biracial person labels themselves differently. Each life experience is unique and so each person has the right to choose how to identify themselves. 

The concept of racial difference has caused such separation and devastation. We desire to bridge the gap.  It is a scientific fact that humans have evolved from the same ancestors and there is only one human race. Data proves that the DNA of any two human beings is 99% identical.  Regardless of geography, ethnicity, culture, color of skin or shape of our eyes.  So why have people of color been tortured and discriminated against for centuries?  We believe the theory that race is a social construct. History shows that those in power intended to create a superiority/inferiority complex between different ethnicities to benefit them.  In America the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 initiated the “One-Drop Rule” which meant that anyone, with a drop of African or Native American ancestry, was considered “colored.”  Science and our DNA does not back up this claim. Those in power were masterful marketers and we, in America, are still living with these detrimental lies to this day. Can we heal? We can at least take steps to do so. 

Here at Radiant Mix we are interested in celebrating the mix, dispelling myths and creating community, offering a voice from a perspective underneath the radar.  I started this project because as a mixed kid (Burundian, Italian & German Jewish) growing up in the 70s and 80s as part of what is now called the “Loving Generation,” I didn’t have anyone that looked like me in my community, school or in the media to look up. Now there is so much more representation. It’s always been my vision to create a welcoming space to have conversations on race and all the beautiful, difficult and wild things that come up for individuals and families that identify as mixed or any of the above. I am a mom of a second-generation mixed kid, an artist’s wife, fashion consultant, certified life coach and Secretary to H2 Empower, a non-profit my mother formed to support sustainable development and enrich educational opportunities in Ethiopia and Burundi. I love collaborations, so reach out to join the mix.

Enjoy the Radiant Mix experience.


Hope McGrath





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