I’m Hope McGrath, host of the Radiant Mix podcast. The intention for Radiant Mix is to celebrate the mixed, biracial and multiracial experience through storytelling and highlighting the radiance of multiculturalism. It’s also an act of  social justice for a deeper understanding about the mixed life experience and race in America.  Here at Radiant Mix when we use the word “mixed” we mean “biracial or multiracial.” We understand all humans are mixed with various nationalities, so we want to make it clear. 

The mixed experience is so complex. There are such nuances with every single mixed child and family, depending on the nationality, time and space.  There is no simple “other” box to check.  Radiant Mix is about sharing some of these stories.

I grew up in Long Island, New York the 70s and 80s of African (Burundian), Italian and German decent. I’m from what they call now “The Loving Generation.” Fast forward to today and I am now raising a 2nd generation mixed kid. My daughter is five nationalities. I am purposely raising her in Brooklyn, NY with an extremely diverse community and rich multicultural life experiences. Her experience is the exact opposite of mine, and that’s the point. I want mixed kids to know they aren’t alone. As mixed kids have a unique sense of openness and lots of wisdom to expand the minds of others and quite possibly be at the forefront of taking steps to heal the racial divide in this world. This is not easy stuff to talk about, but for us, now is the time.



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