36: White Privilege, White Fragility and the Tough Conversations with Helen Boxwill

In this episode of Radiant Mix, Hope McGrath brings back to the forefront a conversation with her mother Helen Boxwill as they touch upon the touchy subjects of white privilege and the concepts of white fragility.  Helen Boxwill, a celebrated educator, lifelong activist, and mother of biracial children for a few decades as insightful and empowering thoughts on the topic.  She even…
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35: How to Live with Low Drama & High Joy…with Alex Jamieson

So excited to introduce to you my dear friend Alex Jamieson, who shares with us some insightful wisdom on how to find success navigating the difficult conversations in our lives. Alexandra Jamieson is the bestselling author of five books, including her new award-winning book Radical Alignment and co-creator / co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me. She is a highly-sought-after creative and success mentor…
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34: The Awareness of Difference…a Mother/Daughter Conversation

This week my co-host for the 34th episode of Radiant Mix is my daughter Ruby. I wanted to invite Ruby on the show again to share a mixed teen perspective on the present-day Black Lives Matter movement, navigating social activism on social media, traveling while interracial, and so much more. As a mother and an aunt, I believe it’s important…
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33: “I Was Just Myself and That’s When I Booked All the …

So excited to introduce to you Kailey Hsu, a top fashion model who so openly shares about her unique mixed experience being Chinese and Hungarian. Now that is a mix! For this episode, we talk about navigating life being considered ethnically ambiguous, how Kailey grew into being proud of who she is, race relations within the fashion industry, the importance…
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32: Deepen Your Own Soul Work…with Asha Frost

This week we are proud to introduce Asha Frost, an Indigenous Medicine Woman and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community.  She has served thousands of people for the past two decades in her work as a native healer, homeopath, teacher, and leader and has studied with many shamans, medicine people, elders, and guides. In this episode,…
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