30: 12 Questions to Deepen Your Friendship/Love Connections…with Tanisha Shields

For this episode, I decided to bring onto the show one of my closest friends, Tanisha Shields. We wanted to bring to you a light topic, to have a bit of fun during this pandemic and inspire you to get to know your friends, family or partner better. Tanisha, is a highly esteemed educator,  Assistant Principal of a high school…
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29: We Rise By Lifting Others…with Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham

This Radiant Mix episode features Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham, co-hosts of the podcast ‘Dear White Women’, an award-winning social justice podcast for women who are open to learning more about race, history, current events and how to elevate the happiness in your life. They are best friends who met at Harvard and identify as half-white and half-Japanese. Sara &…
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28: We Are Together In Spirit…Navigating the Pandemic with Hope + Ruby

In this episode, my daughter Ruby and I sit down to talk about how life is for us navigating the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s been such a challenge for everybody to deal with physical distancing, thousands of deaths and illnesses, the news! How can we stay safe and sane? How can we find joy and fun under quarantine? How do you…
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27: Guess Who’s Coming To The Office with Michele Rannie

Michele Rannie is an attorney in New York City practicing civil litigation and a Brooklyn Mom from the island of St. Kitts. In this episode, we talk about the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant and a woman of color within the high-powered corporate world. Michele equates her experience of showing up at her firm to the storyline of…
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26: The Diversity Diva Breakdown with Lori Tharps

Lori L. Tharps is a content creator whose work lands at the intersection of race and popular culture. Lori is an associate professor of journalism at Temple University, an award-winning author, creator of the My American Meltingpot blog and podcast and a mother of three. Lori Tharps strives to use her words to broaden the conversation about race in America; to challenges racial…
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