12: The Radiant Mix Mash Up…with Hope McGrath

For Episode 12 of Radiant Mix, host Hope McGrath talks about some news topics near and dear to her heart and her major takeaways from the last few podcast episodes. Hope shares about her passion to spread the word about the Netflix film series “When They See Us” directed by Ava DuVernay. She also touches on the topic of interracial…
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11: The Native Outsider…with Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Ph. D.

This week on Radiant Mix, we are so excited to feature Dr. Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Associate Professor of Sociology and Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University.   Zaire has dedicated her life to studying and teaching about race.  This interview is a glimpse of two friends in deep conversations about race, class, family, parenting, fashion, life as a Dominican…
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10: What’s it Like To Be Hāfu (Half-Japanese)…with Tetsuro Miyazaki

On the Radiant Mix podcast this week, we feature Tetsuro Miyazaki, the Hāfu (half-Japanese, half-Belgian), photographer living in the Netherlands, who recently launched a gorgeous photography book, Hāfu2Hāfu, highlighting the mixed experience of half-Japanese people from all over the world. Hāfu is the Japanese term to refer to somebody who is biracial, while in America the nouveau term for biracial/multiracial…
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09: The Mixed Superpower: Breaking Down Misconceptions with Kellie Wagner

This episode of Radiant Mix features Kellie Wagner, the Founder, and CEO of Collective, an NYC-based diversity and inclusion lab that transforms company culture in the startup space. Kellie has a unique perspective as a biracial woman, overcoming immense loss and spending much of her youth bouncing between drastically different cultures. All this life experience planted the seeds for the…
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08: Interconnectedness and Belonging with Sebene Selassie

This week’s Radiant Mix episode features Sebene Selassie, a celebrated meditation teacher, coach, and consultant. Sebene Selessie began studying Buddhism over 25 years ago and now teaches and practices all over the world. In this episode, Sebene drops some science and profound wisdom about the power of a spiritual path and community, self-care, insights on working through trauma, the art…
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