3 Keys To Living With More Freedom and Fun

Feeling a sense of freedom is something we all strive for. When we are in the zone, that’s when the magic happens. When are so absorbed by the passion for what we are doing that all space and time doesn’t seem to exist. Yet sometimes we subconsciously block ourselves from actually doing what we have passion for.  Fear and uncertainty…
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Lauren Béa

Lauren Béa is a Christian singer/songwriter, as well as a and stunning mixed chick, wife to New York Giants Linebacker Keenan Robinson and mother to their daughter Kaidence . The native-Texan’s latest EP “Sovereign Still,“ includes songs written about her life, faith and family.    Radiant Mix: What is your nationality?  How do you identify yourself ?  Lauren Béa: I…
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Childhood Trials of a Mixed Girl’s Hair

My friend texted me recently from a salon in NYC specializing in curly hair. “I couldn’t help but think of you,” she stated.  She preceded to tell me a little black girl, with her hair in a bun, came into the salon, with her white Mom.  When the girl’s bun was taken out it revealed a humongous knot of hair…
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