33: “I Was Just Myself and That’s When I Booked All the …

So excited to introduce to you Kailey Hsu, a top fashion model who so openly shares about her unique mixed experience being Chinese and Hungarian. Now that is a mix! For this episode, we talk about navigating life being considered ethnically ambiguous, how Kailey grew into being proud of who she is, race relations within the fashion industry, the importance…
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32: Deepen Your Own Soul Work…with Asha Frost

This week we are proud to introduce Asha Frost, an Indigenous Medicine Woman and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community.  She has served thousands of people for the past two decades in her work as a native healer, homeopath, teacher, and leader and has studied with many shamans, medicine people, elders, and guides. In this episode,…
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31: Strategizing Global Solutions to Systemic Problems…with Don Allen Stevenson III

In this episode, I am so excited to introduce to you Don Allen Stevenson III, a Specialist Trainer at DreamWorks Animation by day and a cutting edge Digital Creator by night. He loves future-proofing himself and others that follow his creative journey. For this show, you’ll be getting the unique mixed male perspective as we discuss the current #BlackLivesMatter movement,…
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29: We Rise By Lifting Others…with Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham

This Radiant Mix episode features Sara Blanchard & Misasha Graham, co-hosts of the podcast ‘Dear White Women’, an award-winning social justice podcast for women who are open to learning more about race, history, current events and how to elevate the happiness in your life. They are best friends who met at Harvard and identify as half-white and half-Japanese. Sara &…
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28: We Are Together In Spirit…Navigating the Pandemic with Hope + Ruby

In this episode, my daughter Ruby and I sit down to talk about how life is for us navigating the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s been such a challenge for everybody to deal with physical distancing, thousands of deaths and illnesses, the news! How can we stay safe and sane? How can we find joy and fun under quarantine? How do you…
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