16: White Privilege, White Fragility and the Tough Conversations with Helen Boxwill

In this episode of Radiant Mix, Hope McGrath invites her mother Helen Boxwill to join her as a co-host for another episode. This time the two touch upon the touchy subjects of white privilege and the concepts of ‘white fragility.”  Helen Boxwill, a celebrated educator, lifelong activist and mother of biracial children for a few decades as insightful and empowering…
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15: The Power of Activism, Faith and Hope with Helen Boxwill

In this episode of Radiant Mix, Hope McGrath is joined by her mother, Helen Boxwill, a celebrated educator and lifelong activist. They both spend time discussing current events such as domestic terrorism, the state of race relations in America, immigration, how to keep the faith and dive in or continue with your activism plus some insightful personal stories and inspiration…
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14: Music is our best friend…PART 2 with Eric Smith

Get ready for Part 2 of the Radiant Mix episode “Music is our best friend” featuring Eric Smith, CEO of Easy Star Records, as a co-host with Hope McGrath. These two old friends continue the conversation about music and how it’s impacted their lives and the lives of a generation. Eric and Hope go down memory lane, having fun playing music…
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13: Music is our best friend…with Eric Smith

This week’s Radiant Mix episode features Eric Smith, CEO of Easy Star Records, a co-host with Hope McGrath, as they cover all things music and its importance in the lives of two mixed Generation Xers. Music is the soundtrack of their lives and all of us music lovers. As long-time friends, the two have come together on the podcast to share…
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12: The Radiant Mix Mash Up…with Hope McGrath

For Episode 12 of Radiant Mix, host Hope McGrath talks about some news topics near and dear to her heart and her major takeaways from the last few podcast episodes. Hope shares about her passion to spread the word about the Netflix film series “When They See Us” directed by Ava DuVernay. She also touches on the topic of interracial…
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