08: Interconnectedness and Belonging with Sebene Selassie

This week’s Radiant Mix episode features Sebene Selassie, a celebrated meditation teacher, coach, and consultant. Sebene Selessie began studying Buddhism over 25 years ago and now teaches and practices all over the world. In this episode, Sebene drops some science and profound wisdom about the power of a spiritual path and community, self-care, insights on working through trauma, the art…
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07: Identity Crisis Cure: Love, Vulnerability and the Arts with Aileen Kyoko

Radiant Mix welcomes the lovely Aileen Kyoko on the show. Aileen is a multi-talented creative with a beautiful spirit. She’s a playwright, actress, director, and producer, and she recently wrote a full-length play called The Year of the Solar Eclipse. Aileen is also producer and brand curator for The Wellness Expert, Randi Zinn, of Beyond Mom. Listen to find out…
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06: Pragmatic Dreaming with Actor Tim Lounibos

Tim Lounibos is an actor starring in the runaway hit series, Bosh, on Amazon Prime. Tim, gained notoriety in the nineties when he was branded as part of 'an exciting new breed of Asian American actors with widespread mainstream appeal’.
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05: Why Are You Always Tan?… with Eric Smith

Eric Smith, the owner, and director of Easy Star Records. Easy Star Records is a New York-based independent record label which has built an international roster of progressive reggae and dub artists of the past twenty years.
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04: Mixed Chick Therapy with Katie Malia of Almost Asian

Sharing our truth is not always easy, but sometimes it’s really important. And laughter really does make the world go round. This week we’re talking to Katie Malia, the self-proclaimed, ethnically ambiguous performer and writer from LA, and also the creator of the short-form scripted comedy web-series Almost Asian. Katie dares to be different and her show is a really…
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