03: “I’m Going To Love Who I Love”…with Malik Yoba

Do you think it’s okay to openly share your opinions about other people’s personal lives on social media? Today’s interview is with the celebrated actor, Malik Yoba. He is quite dynamic and open, with a strong social media following where shares with deep compassion on things that matter to him. When Malik decided to share on Instagram about his Malik…
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02: Spearheading a Mixed Movement with Julie Young

Today we’re talking to a serious changemaker who does not sit still! We’re really excited to have Julie Young, a lawyer, turned non-profit executive, join us on today’s episode. Julie is the founder of DreamMaker 3D, an organization that provides resources, connections, and inspiration for creatives and nurtures future leaders. In today’s episode, Julie talks about her experience of growing…
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01: Introducing the Radiant Mix Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the Radiant Mix podcast, with Hope McGrath. On the podcast she will be celebrating and talking about the bi-racial, multi-racial, and multi-cultural experience with some fascinating stories. On the show today, Hope discusses some of the fears she’s had around bringing the stories that she intends to share on the podcast to light,…
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She’s Black, but not Black, Black

It is quite prevalent in our society that if a person of color assimilates nicely into the American mainstream, that some white people pretend to overlook cultural differences, ‘not notice’ race or straight up consider them white. This epidemic has happened to me much of my life, but there was one experience that has remained a running joke.  I had…
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Magazine Obsessions & Diversity in Fashion. Representation Matters

As someone with a life-long fashion magazine obsession, I am so happy to see the diversity being displayed on the top magazine covers lately. Especially since this is a relatively new phenomenon. For the September 2018 issues, women of color were cover girls more than ever… Vogue,  Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour and so much more. Hey, there was even a…
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