Where Are The Teachers of Color in NYC Independent Schools?

Like all mothers, I want the best for my kid. I’m one of those parents that decided to sacrifice a lot to send my kid to private school in NYC. To be honest, it’s a serious struggle to do so. I grew up as a mixed kid in Long Island, as the only mixed family in sight, went to predominantly…
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16 Tips to Empower Mixed Black Teen Girls in White Suburbs

Lately I’ve heard of the struggles of mixed black teenagers trying to navigate being different in majority white surroundings in America.  I’ve been through it and felt the need to share my tips to empower mixed black teen girls in predominantly white suburbia. As a biracial girl (Burundian, Italian & German Jewish) growing up in Long Island, I realized early…
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Actualizing a Vision

“I am so tired of being good. And now all I want is to be free.” – Kristin Bell I have been thinking about launching Radiant Mix for years. Bought the domain name way back when. I really felt that I wanted to write about the mixed life perspective and celebrate the beauty of diversity. There just isn’t enough dialogue…
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Eric Smith

I am excited to introduce Eric Smith, CEO of Easy Star Records, an independent record label specializing in reggae and dub.  Not only is he the head of incredible chart-topping record label, churning out reggae hits for over a decade, he also is a close college friend.  I grew up not knowing any mixed kids ever and so when I…
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3 Keys To Living With More Freedom and Fun

Feeling a sense of freedom is something we all strive for. When we are in the zone, that’s when the magic happens. When are so absorbed by the passion for what we are doing that all space and time doesn’t seem to exist. Yet sometimes we subconsciously block ourselves from actually doing what we have passion for.  Fear and uncertainty…
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