This is America. Can One Be Truly Black and Proud, Marry White & …

Can you be proud of your culture and then date outside your race and have mixed kids? I say yes, so many say no. This is America. After Childish Gambino’s video for “This is America” dropped in May, I, like over 287 million others, was blown away. The creative vision, the music, the storytelling, the dancing, the symbolisms…to me, this…
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Artist Ana Leovy Empowers Women with Vibrant Color, Social Consiousness and Style

We love Mexican artist and illustrator Ana Leovy! Her art work evokes beauty, feminine power and diversity with her unique vibrant flair. From fashion to social justice to women’s empowerment, the art send a powerful message of love and inclusion with beauty. So excited to share our conversation with the artist herself here… Radiant Mix: Your work caught my eye…
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Loving the Parisian Chic Style at SÉZANE

I just had to share my obsession with the feminine style of the French fashion boutique SÉZANE.  On a beautiful Spring day I was strolling with my family in NoLita, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City. I came across the beautiful boutique SÉZANE with the gorgeous array of flowers lining the storefront, attracting passersby to stop and strike…
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Where Are The Teachers of Color in NYC Independent Schools?

Like all mothers, I want the best for my kid. I’m one of those parents that decided to sacrifice a lot to send my kid to private school in NYC. To be honest, it’s a serious struggle to do so. I grew up as a mixed kid in Long Island, as the only mixed family in sight, went to predominantly…
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16 Tips to Empower Mixed Black Teen Girls in White Suburbs

Lately I’ve heard of the struggles of mixed black teenagers trying to navigate being different in majority white surroundings in America.  I’ve been through it and felt the need to share my tips to empower mixed black teen girls in predominantly white suburbia. As a biracial girl (Burundian, Italian & German Jewish) growing up in Long Island, I realized early…
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