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Radiant Mix Connect is monthly insider circle group program where we come together to discuss all things about life from multiracial experience. My goal is to offer a sense of community, as safe space to gather and express ourselves. Life is a roller coaster ride and often times we don’t have a space to talk about issues pertaining to the mixed experience.

Once a month Hope McGrath hosts a 90 minute conference call where to can talk about our lives, questions and concerns that come up for you as we navigate life from a mixed perspective, whether you are multiracial or you have a multiracial family.

Hope McGrath, a Transformational Coach, Producer, Podcaster and Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur facilitates empowering conversations that matter to you. On the Radiant Mix podcast we have covered topics such as:

  • How to talk about race with friends and family
  • Raising mixed kids
  • Activism and shifting the political landscape
  • Colorism and it’s effects on us and society
  • A look at how race is represented within music, arts & culture
  • Embodying a sense of belonging
  • Knowing your rights and how the law effects mixed-race individuals

Some of the topics we will cover during Radiant Mix Connect

  • Nurturing authentic relationships…..with friend, family, partners
  • Vulnerability and it’s vital importance in your life in order to heal and live with joy
  • How to navigate difficult issues in your family or community
  • If you are parents…insights on raising mixed kids
  • Get inspired to deepen self-worth and a true sense of belonging
  • Hair, Hair and more Hair Tales
  • Colorism and how to deal with it in your everyday life
  • The power of meditation and mindful living
  • Daily Self-Love practices to bring more joy into your life.
  • White Fragility and how to deal

Launch Date: November 13th @ 6:30pm – 8:00pm

We will all meet on a private conference call. Phone number to be provided upon your reservation.

Investment: $25

Payments can be made here… Radiant Mix Connect

This is monthly subscription to Radiant Mix Connect. You can cancel anytime.

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Aside from launching Radiant Mix, I love my work as a Certified Transformational Coach, inspiring women and a few special men, towards radical personal empowerment in their lives.  Each of my Private Premium Coaching Programs is designed to offer you an opportunity to indulge in deepening your self-love and focus on your well-being.  Whether it’s about life transitions or relationships, the result is living with increased joy, less stress, clarity and fulfillment in life. 

How can we work together?

  • Take advantage of the complimentary Spark Session, which is an enlightening coaching consultation for those interested in learning more about private premium coaching with me.

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